Join Volunteers in Your Community

We are excited that you want to join our team of 90,000 volunteers to canvass, connect and collect for life-saving research in your communities.

We have a few ways you can participate; please choose the option that best suits your fundraising style.

Individual Canvasser:

Whether you’re getting fresh air knocking on doors in your community, reaching out to your online networks in an instant, or better still doing both, you’ll be delivering life-saving information to neighbours, friends, family and colleagues. The donations you collect will fund research breakthroughs. (Visit Resources for more information.)

We provide you with an Outreach Kit, tips and all the support you need to make your efforts a success!


Online Team Captain:

As a Captain, you will have the unique pleasure of motivating your online team members and fundraising as a group. Our Team Captains are a special bunch. They’re true leaders who find the experience rewarding, challenging, engaging, and enjoyable. (Visit Resources for more information.)

As Team Captain, you’ll lead your online team with confidence!


Already a Team Captain in your community? Click here to register online.

Join an Online Team:

Step 1: Search for your Captain’s name or team name by selecting one of the options below

Step 2: Click "JOIN"

Then follow the registration prompts and you’ll be registered for that team.

Don’t see your team or Captain's name? Click here to register online as an individual.