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The New Run And Walk

Ride Or Stride For Heart In 2016

We're adding a run/walk to our landmark Ride for Heart. It's a new way to experience the magic of the traffic-free Gardiner.

Runners can choose from a 10km run, a 5km run, or a 5km walk.

It’s alongside but separate from the ride, so everyone enjoys the spirit of the event together. Best of all, it’s a chance to create more survivors.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the new run/walk.

About The Run/Walk

I’m a past rider and I’m worried about this new run/walk. What will it mean for riders like me?
The Ride for Heart is unchanged by the new event. Your event day routine including start times and routes are exactly as before. The Run and Walk take place on the eastbound Gardiner only after all riders have finished that portion of their ride. You may see some runners going East on the Gardiner as you are coming home towards Exhibition Place. The events are separate and connected by the desire among participants to create more survivors.
What is the date of the Run/Walk?
The Run/Walk will take place on the same day as the Ride for Heart, Sunday, June 5, 2016.
Can I ride and then walk or run?
You can choose to either ride OR run OR walk at the Ride for Heart. When you register for the event, you will be asked to choose one of these options.
Will riders/runners/walkers all be on the road at the same time?
No, riders and runners/walkers will never intersect on the route at any time. Depending on route length, riders will start the route from 6:00am - 9:00am and runners/walkers will begin after 10:00am.
What is the itinerary for the Run/Walk on June 5?
Breakfast 5:30am 10:30am
General Participant Check-In 5:30am 9:00am
Team Photos 6:00pm 12:30pm
Start 10:00am
Lunch 9:30am -12:30pm
Heart Park Visit Heart Park at any time during the event

Route And Amenities

What are the route distances for the run/walk?
You can choose to either participate in a 10K run or a 5K run or a 5K walk.
What is the route of the run/walk?
stride route map
Are there rest stations along the way?
Yes, there will be 3 rest stations along the 10K route and 1 rest station along the 5K route.
Will the run/walk be timed?
The Run/Walk is a new way to experience the magic of a traffic-free Gardiner to celebrate the funds you have raised for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Run/Walk will not be timed.
Is there a course cut-off time?
Don’t fret! We expect most walkers/runners will have no problem finishing the route in this time. All runners/walkers will need to complete the route by 12:00pm at the latest. If you have not completed the course by this time, then you will be picked up and shuttled back to the finish line where you will be able to enjoy Heart Park.

Registration And Fundraising

What is the registration fee and fundraising requirement to run or walk?
The fees and fundraising requirements for runners and walkers are identical to participating in the Ride for Heart. Please refer to the Registration Fees chart for more information.
Is it possible to complete the run or walk as a VIP?
Absolutely, if you choose to become a VIP runner or walker and raise $1,000 or more, you will receive all of the same benefits that a VIP rider does, except you will receive a technical running shirt instead of a cycling jersey.
I am part of a corporate team, what does the run/walk mean to me?
The great thing about the addition of the run/walk is that even more people can get involved in helping to create more survivors. Teams and groups can be made up of riders, runners and walkers. Teams will not be split up based on how they chose to stay active and support the Foundation. We think this is an opportunity to build a bigger, stronger, more inclusive team event where you can choose how you want to participate.
Will I receive the same fundraising incentives as a runner/walker?
Yes, the same great fundraising incentives are available to you as a rider, runner or walker at the same fundraising levels.

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"The Ride for Heart should be on everybody’s Toronto must-do list."
- Tracey McLean-Thompson, Cisco

Please contact us at ridenl@heartandstroke.ca
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