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VIP Program

We're so grateful for our VIPs. They go above and beyond in fundraising and make a huge difference in the lives of Canadians! And they're rewarded for being so great. See if the VIP Program is for you!

What Exactly Is A VIP?

It’s a Very Important Philanthropist! These people are just like you and they raise $1,000 or more for the Ride, Run or Walk. They’re stellar fundraisers, but more importantly, they go the extra mile to help create more survivors of heart disease and stroke. Amazing!

What’s It Like To Be A VIP?

It’s glorious! As our VIPs work towards their $1,000+ goal, we’re here offering them special support and encouragement along the way. And VIPs’ registration fees are waived until February 29, 2016.

How To be A VIP

There are two ways you can do it:

  • 1. Register as a VIP. This is your pledge to raise $1,000 or more.
  • 2. Raise $1,000 at any point before the Ride and you automatically become a VIP.

Raising $1,000 is easier than you think. It could be as easy as collecting $100 each from 10 family members, friends, colleagues, or neighbours! Or hosting a fundraising BBQ in your backyard.

Register as a VIP now, log in to fundraise, or check out our fundraising support page for great fundraising tips!

For more information about the VIP program, please contact:

Frank Healey, frank.healey@heartandstroke.ca or 709-383-1026.

What You'll Get When You’re A VIP

All of our VIP participants will enjoy a catered breakfast and lunch on event day.

incentive prize chart

Who Else Is A VIP?

He is! And so are about 1,500 other people just like you.

vip randy's image
"I Ride for Heart because my family was affected by heart disease and stroke, and benefited greatly from the Foundation's research and education. Also, I love to cycle. Becoming a VIP is totally achievable. When I started, I built the Foundation's basic message into a simple email to a few dozen contacts, asking them for $25, $50 or $100. By giving them a target, I found I could easily raise $1,000 and more."
- Randy Williamson

Please contact us at ridenl@heartandstroke.ca
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