Jump Rope for Heart - Alberta

Greenfield School

Our school is raising money in support of the Heart&Stroke Foundation by participating in Jump Rope for Heart. 

Every seven minutes in Canada, heart disease or stroke takes another life. And another 1.6 million survivors are living with the effects of these devastating diseases. With your help, we’re that much closer to living lives free of heart disease and stroke. 

Please help us reach our fundraising goal by making a donation today!

COME ON GREENFIELD STUDENTS AND TEACHERS, LET'S ALL JUMP ON BOARD AND GET TO OUR SCHOOL GOAL OF $10,350.00.  Mr. Lyseng is all primed and practising his rock star gig and M. Picklik is warming up the teachers in case we get to 12,350.00!!!!!

Together, we can make tomorrow healthier for all Canadians. 




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