Heart & Stroke Canvass - Newfoundland and Labrador


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Ways to Participate:

Individual Canvasser: Whether you’re getting fresh air knocking on doors in your community, reaching out to your online networks in an instant, or better still doing both, you’ll be delivering life-saving information to neighbours, friends, family and colleagues.

Become a Captain: As a Captain, you will have the unique pleasure of motivating your team members and fundraising as a group. Our Team Captains are a special bunch. They’re true leaders who find the experience rewarding, challenging, engaging, and enjoyable.

Join an existing Team: Select the red “Join an Existing Team” button on the right and search for your team name and follow the prompts. If you know the name of your team Captain simply search for their name in the “Find a Participant or Captain” grey search box on the right.

Did you know?

Volunteers who add online canvassing raise twice as much on average as those who canvass only door-to-door!

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Upcoming Events and Local Information:

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Want to help, but not interested in canvassing or becoming a Captain? We would love your help with other tasks, such as delivering kits, making phone calls and assisting with office administration. If you can help, please contact our office.