Donated Dollars at Work

Donated dollars at work — lifesaving research can’t happen without you!

This year we’re sharing life-saving information about knowing the signs of a stroke and that women need to pay special attention. Heart disease and stroke cuts lives short and can have a devastating impact on quality of life:

  • Heart disease and stroke take a Canadian life every 7 minutes.
  • Heart disease and stroke are the #1 killer of women globally, but only one fifth of Canadian women identify this as their biggest health concern

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is working to change these alarming statistics. Thanks to the money you raise and donate, last year we were able to invest close to $31.5 million to support 800 researchers across Canada. The research we support could lead to breakthroughs we’ve all been waiting for. And that means more prevention, more recovery and more lives saved. Here are just a few of those stories:

Carol Werger

Carol Werger
Carol is a survivor, canvasser and inspiration. She’s been canvassing and raising funds for life-saving research since 1990. Here’s why.

Tina’s Family

Tina’s Family
Losing a mom is tough. It’s a grief Tina’s family is still feeling today. That’s why they’re determined to help spare other families such heartache.

Dr. Alexis Carere

Dr. Alexis Carere
Genetics is one area of research that’s showing great promise. And when a genetic culprit is found, it means more families have more time together.

Survivors who can thank FAST
Canvassers helped Canadians identify the signs of stroke and get immediate help. It worked. Here are just a few stroke survivors who can thank our FAST campaign.

Research breakthroughs
Thanks to you, Heart & Stroke research has lead to life-changing breakthroughs.

We need people like you. When you donate or register as a leadership volunteer or canvasser, you help ensure we continue to save lives and support families across Canada.