Frequently Asked Questions

Tax receipts are issued electronically for online donations of any amount and paper tax receipts are issued for pledges of $20 or more that are collected via the pledge envelope. Please be sure to clearly write your full name and mailing address on the pledge form so that a receipt can be issued. When a pledge is made online, electronic tax receipts are automatically issued to the donor.
To ensure that you receive your tax receipt, please contact your local Heart and Stroke Foundation office and provide your full name and mailing address. They will assist you with receiving your receipt. Click here for Office listings with contact information for your local Heart and Stroke Foundation office or use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this webpage.
The support of our donors makes it possible for the Heart and Stroke Foundation to prevent disease, save lives and promote recovery, helping more Canadians live longer, fuller lives. Learn more about where your dollars go by clicking here.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation encourages every student to participate in the Jump Event Day at their school. Thank You prizes are awarded to students who reach specific fundraising levels which are outlined in promotional materials and on the website. Many schools choose to opt-out of prizing altogether, in which case no student will receive a Thank You prize regardless of whether they have fundraised or not.
We strongly encourage participants to ask for support from family and friends, work colleagues and close neighbours. A parent or guardian should assist/accompany their children when fundraising. Online fundraising is an easy way to reach a lot of potential donors quickly and easily. The Jump website is safe, secure, and environmentally friendly. Plus, all online donors receive an electronic tax receipt - regardless of the amount pledged. Printed pledge envelopes are also provided to every student to support the collection of in-person donations and communicate key program information.
The Heart and Stroke Foundation takes care in selecting motivating and primarily fitness related Thank You prizes that participants can earn for their fundraising efforts. These prizes are offered as a way to thank participants for their fundraising efforts and encourage physical activity long after the Jump Rope for Heart event has ended. Research is conducted each year among parents and children to ensure the prizes have high appeal and are appropriate.

Check out this year's prizes!
The Heart and Stroke Foundation provides a $5 fundraising kick-start pledge to every participant who fundraises online. This $5 pledge is added to a participant’s online fundraising page 24-48 hours after receipt of the first online donation and counts towards the fundraising total.

The $5 kick-start pledge also helps participants reach the fundraising Thank You prize levels faster.
For privacy reasons, participant names are not searchable on the Jump website.

To donate to a student:
  • Ask the student to send you a donation request email by logging into their personal fundraising page at The email will contain a direct link to their personal fundraising page.
  • Click on the link contained in the email to access their personal fundraising page.
  • Click on the “Donate Now” button to make a safe and secure online donation.
  • Online fundraising allows you to quickly reach your entire network of potential donors (especially those out of town).
  • Online donors will receive an instant tax receipt for their contribution.
  • Students will receive a $5 fundraising kick-start when they register online.
  • Students can earn online bonus prizes when they reach specific fundraising levels online. These bonus prizes are in addition to the Thank You prizes.
Thank You Prizes are delivered directly to each school approximately 2-4 weeks after the Jump event day. This includes online bonus skipping ropes.
You will receive a gift card redemption email (sent to the address you used to register online) within 24-48 hours after you reach or surpass $150 and $350 in online donations. Once you receive the redemption email, you can access the gift card redemption site where you will be able to select the gift card of your choice, or may choose to donate back to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. You can choose between Chapters/Indigo, Toys"R"Us, and Canadian Tire gift cards.

Chapters/Indigo gift cards are delivered electronically within 24-48 hours of the time of your selection. Please ensure you check your email spam filters regularly to ensure you have not missed the email.

Canadian Tire and Toys"R"Us cards are plastic gift cards and are delivered to your home approximately 7-10 business days from the time of your selection.
To fundraise online, you must first set-up your personal fundraising page by registering online. Click here for step-by-step registration instructions. Once you have registered, check out our fundraising tips here.

We are currently experiencing some challenges with the online application of Kick-start and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. The Heart & Stroke representative who supports your child’s school is aware of this challenge and will ensure that your child receives credit for their $5.00 Kick-start when confirming the amount your child raised online and offline. Unfortunately we may not be able to get the Kick-start donation applied to your child’s online page, but we will ensure that they receive the correct prize - including any online bonus gift cards.
You can find your Online Donation Summary Sheet by following these steps:

1) LOGIN to your personal fundraising page,

2) Click on the “Progress” tab at the top of the page,

3) Click on “Download personal donation list” found under the “Donation History” heading

4) Download, save and print a copy of your online donation sheet.