Just for Kids

Is there a special song you sing while you skip? Do you count to see how high you can get? Or does it feel great just to get your heart pumping!

Jumping rope is always fun. Now picture yourself skipping, jumping and playing with all your classmates at the same time. That’s Jump Rope for Heart!

This year is even more special. We’re hoping 1 million kids participate in Jump. Be one of them!

You’ll do more than jump rope:

  • Get active.
  • Learn about making healthy choices.
  • Raise money to help other kids with heart problems and their families.
  • Create your own fundraising page with your parent or guardian.
  • Earn fun rewards.
See Jump Rope for Heart in action!

Watch this video to how much fun Jump can be

Want to learn more about Jump?

Learn about kids you’re helping.

Here are some awesome Thank You prizes you can earn.