Here's what some of our parents, students and teachers are saying about Jump Rope for Heart!

Jump Rope for Heart has been a wonderful experience for our school. I've seen an increase in physical activity especially outside during recess and lunch, as well as highlighting the generous spirit of our students and community. I cannot say enough great things about this program!
The students and teachers thoroughly enjoy the day. The smiles during the event and the money raised for Heart and Stroke make it all worthwhile!
The kids are excited about the kick-off assembly and the Jump Event. It's nice to see them excited and connected to a community organization. It brings the message about being healthy and active.
It's exciting to watch the team building and the school spirit that always happens with this event. The students get geared up right after the kick-off assembly - they are in the school yard with their skipping ropes 'training' for the big event!
It is another way of bringing people together for the common good, teaching them about charity, the power of one.
The kids are so enthusiastic; it promotes their own health; it's a positive community focus and enables us to give back to our own community.
I like when my son goes out and does something and it is a team effort. He works with his class … there is a goal, and there is an education process.
You aren’t just telling the kids about having a healthier lifestyle - you are doing it too.
I like that I can participate in an activity where I have to exercise to fundraise and donate money to people suffering from heart disease, all while having fun!
It’s fun to play and nice to know it helps someone.
I like that I get to have fun and help people.
You can get prizes and raise money to help research so people can get better.
I like helping out the Heart and Stroke Foundation by raising money and having fun with my classmates.