Honorary Chair

On behalf of Dr. Bondar, thank you for your important role helping fellow Canadians!
Her message to Heart&Stroke Canvass volunteers is that you are making a difference.

Click on the video below to view a special thank you from Dr. Roberta Bondar.

As Canada’s first woman astronaut and a neurologist, Dr. Bondar’s name has held a special place in Canadian history since the 1990s. After travelling to space, she led an international team of NASA scientists for more than a decade, with a focus on brain research.

“Not having enough funding is one of the biggest research challenges we’re facing today. At the same time, you are bringing awareness to the urgency of heart disease and stroke, and what Canadians can do to lower their risk.”

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is grateful to have Dr. Roberta Bondar as the Honorary Chair of Heart Month and Stroke Month.