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Ambassador Bios

The Becel Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart has an enthusiastic team of volunteer Run Ambassadors who are dedicated to helping you meet your fitness goals and inspire you to participate in the first ever 10/5km run or 5km walk on the Gardiner Expressway! Check out their bios below and follow them on social media for motivational posts and event updates.

Catherine Cameron

Catherine CameronA senior marketing communications professional, I work with some of Canada’s leading health, wellness, and lifestyle businesses and brands. I am also a former personal trainer and a fitness instructor of 26 years. By way of much of my work, I strive to inspire Canadians of all ages and abilities to lead active, healthy lives. I am the proud mum of two girls ages 17 and 14 and one golden retriever. A fitness enthusiast, I enjoy running, cycling, and winter sports.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
When it comes to prevention and the achievement of optimal health, small steps have the power to add up to big results. By serving as an Ambassador for this important event, I hope to inspire others to “take more steps” to benefit their own health and that of others.

blogcameroncommunications.ca                Twitter @cate_cameron                Instagram catherinecamerondotnet


Heather Colasuonno

Heather ColasuonnoI am a cycle instructor, self- employed hair stylist and stay at home mom to a 2 and 5 year old. I’ve been a runner for the past 7 years, and I’ve learned how valuable running is in helping me to maintain balance in a hectic schedule.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I want to inspire beginners and people who think “they can’t possibly fit it in” to believe in themselves and that incorporating running or walking into your busy life is possible and worth it!

Twitter @running_mamma               Instagram @heather_runningmomma


Frank Famularo

Frank FamularoI’ve been an avid runner for a few decades. I live and breathe the sport. My passion for running shines through all aspects of my life as I’m a marathoner, previous running coach and a dad to two very active children. I’ve completed countless races in all distances ranging from 5K to the Marathon (of which I’ve completed 10). I’m currently training for an ultra marathon. When not running I spend my time volunteering in a number of business and community organizations. I have coached young girls in both hockey and baseball at the AAA level and I hope to get involved in coaching young children who like to run.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I want to be a Run Ambassador as I want to inspire first time runners and young kids. I want to motivate kids to get away from technology and enjoy the great outdoors a prescription for lifelong health!

Twitter @Canadian_runner                Instagram Canadian_runner


Sasha Gollish

Sasha GollishSasha Gollish has been a competitive runner, cyclist, duathlete, triathlete, and Ultimate Frisbee player. She was named 2015 CIS Female Athlete of the Year (Track Events) after winning three gold medals (1000m, 3000m, 4x800m relay) and two silver medals (600m, 1500m) at the CIS Championships, the most individual medals ever won by a distance athlete. She was also named MVP of the 2015 OUA Championships after winning three individual gold medals (600m, 1500m, 3000m). She finished fifth in the 1500m at the 2014 Canadian Championships and continued in her breakthrough performances by winning the bronze medal in the 1500 m at the Pan Am Games in 2015. Sasha is currently training to make the Olympic team for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

blogsashagollish.com                Twitter @SGollishRuns                Instagram sgollishruns


Laurie Ann March

Laurie Ann MarchOver a decade ago, I decided to take control of my health rather than follow in the footsteps of my family. My Dad and my brother Dan both died of premature coronary heart disease. I have not remained unscathed from the heart issues—implications of years of obesity coupled with a family history that makes my cardiologist shudder. The difference is that I do the best to keep those issues halted in their tracks.

My journey began with making small changes to my lifestyle which included eating more whole foods and cutting out a lot of the processed high fat and high sugar junk food. Most importantly, I moved my body. First walking, then day hiking, and backpacking. In November 2011 I decided to pursue the dream of running a single 5K race which I completed with my husband and son in April 2012. It’s fun to run together as a family. I fell in love with running and that race was followed by numerous other races including my first half marathon and with being a team member for a 50K trail relay, both in 2013. I was sidelined with a heart procedure in 2014 and again in 2015, however 2016 will see me training for my second half marathon and the Ride for Heart 10K. My pace… my way.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I want to be a positive role model for my children and to stave off the side-effects of living with diabetes and heart disease. I’ve lost 180 pounds since I first started adopting my healthier way of living. I hope to inspire people with heart disease and diabetes to exercise within safe limits while pursuing fun activities they thought they never could. Running has saved my life and my story could possibly inspire others to lace up and take that first step to better health.. Learning to listen to our bodies, which running has enabled me to do, and not ignoring the signs is so important when it comes to heart health.

bloginnerpossible.com                Twitter @innerpossible                Instagram innerpossible


Allison Miceli

Allison MiceliA full-time creative junkie and part-time fitness fanatic. Work-in-progress runner, yogi, cyclist and triathlete in training. Ambitious hustler who embraces the work hard, play harder mentality.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I would make a great ambassador for the Heart and Stroke Foundation Ride/Run for Heart due to my passion for people and running. I have experienced first hand the power of community that is part of the running lifestyle. My personal connection to this cause is also something that makes me a great fit for this role as I believe very strongly that it allows me to connect with so many who have been through the same loss I have and join together for us all to come together to raise funds to aid in preventing these diseases from having the same impact on others in future generations to come!

blogkmhungryyogi.com                Twitter @miceliaj                Instagram @miceliaj


Brittany Moran

Brittany MoranI have been a runner since... forever! I have been running competitively since I was in elementary school. I first fell in love with running because I could beat the boys. From there I ran on the cross country and track team in high school. The next step was running for the University of Windsor Lancers varsity cross country and track team. After university I was accepted to the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, and while there I started to run longer distances. I completed my first marathon in May 2014. I recently ran the Boston marathon in 2015, where I was the top Canadian woman. As I am a chiropractor at The Runner’s Academy, my career is very running focused. To say the least I LOVE RUNNING and I love helping other people share in the love of running!

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I am close to the cause because my father has had two strokes and has now been diagnosed with early onset dementia at the young age of 53 years old. I hope to connect with other runners and people who want to include running in their life.

blogctorunningchiro.com                Twitter @TORunningChiro                Instagram TORunningChiro


Loren Morrone

Loren MorroneI’m 25 years old and I’ve been a runner for 15 years! I was born and raised in Toronto. My hobbies include yoga, skiing, and running. This past year I set a goal to run a half marathon and with a little hard work and dedication I completed the STWM under my goal time. I can’t wait to take part in the first ever Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart Run!

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
As a Digital Health Specialist on the Digital Health and Innovation team at the Heart and Stroke Foundation, I’m passionate about the cause. I’m also passionate about running and I love meeting new people. I feel that I’ll be able to encourage people to sign up for the race, and motivate them along the way to meet their personal run goals —while supporting a great cause!

Instagram @loren_mo


Noel Paine

Noel PaineI am a life-long runner with almost 30-years of running experience. I am also a writer who shares my and others’ running stories through my blog and in Canadian Running magazine. I have run everything from the 100m to 100k ultramarathons and even run the Grand Canyon.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I Love helping others discover running or set a Personal Best. I have run the 100m to Ultras in Northern Ireland and Italy and I Have even run across the Grand Canyon. But despite having run a few marathons and a few crazy long runs - I still consider myself pretty average. I struggle to train, have bad days and am far off setting any speed records or age group bests! I have a passion for the sport, for helping others and promoting healthy, active living.

blogCanadian Running magazine blog                blognoelpaine.wordpress.com                Twitter @NoelPaine

Amber-Lynn Renton

Amber-Lynn RentonI’m a Respiratory Therapist in Toronto who started running about 2 years ago as a way to help me cope with stress. I also had a bucket list dream of running a marathon by the time I was 30. I never imagined the love affair I would eventually develop with running and the running community here in Toronto. I’m not the most competitive when it comes to running, I just love getting lost in my own head and enjoying the view as I go. I’m slightly obsessed with my pets (Wiley my adorable puggle and Kitty my beautiful cat) and I love cooking. When I’m not in the kitchen or at the dog park, you can usually find me at the pool.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I’m an advocate for active living and healthy lifestyles. I believe that people can take control of their health and that having a support system in place or a group of people to help you along the way makes the ride a more pleasant journey. I like showing people how small changes can have a big impact on health and I try to live by example. I’m always willing to share my own personal journey!

Twitter @gingersontherun                Instagram Treehuggee


Seanna Robinson

Seanna RobinsonI am a competitive runner, wife, mom of two and business person. Running has been an important part of my life for over 25 years seeing me through competitive days, school, traveling, working life, pregnancy and early motherhood. I value my ability to get out and “run it off” for the mental and physical release it brings me and attribute the lessons I learn while running to my ability to perform at a high level in other areas of life. Perhaps most importantly, running has been instrumental in most of the great personal relationships I’ve formed over the years.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I believe that running and walking are the simplest and most accessible avenues to being in control of your own health. I know it’s not easy to start, but I’ve witnessed enough life-changing stories to know it’s worth a try. I believe that anyone can do it and that everyone is worth trying to bring on board. It will change your life for the better.

blogrunningwell.ca                Twitter @RunningWell                Instagram @seanna_runningwell


Mike van Mil

Mike van MilI am currently working as a Paramedic for two GTA services. I am a newish runner constantly trying to find the balance between work, family and running. I am husband and father of two children aged 7 and 9 who are active in dance and hockey. I completed my first marathon this fall with my wife; we run many of our races together and have found it to be quite the bonding experience. We have many races planned for 2016 and look forward to another year of running.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
I have a unique perspective being a paramedic. I far too often see the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and what it can do to a person's heart and brain. I hope to inspire and connect with people who don’t have the healthy lifestyle they want and are looking for a change. I hope to show them that it is not as bad as they think to get out there and start running. We all only have one heart and brain and they don’t grow back like you skin does!

blogparamedimike.ca                Twitter @Paramedic_Mike                Instagram Paramedic_Mike


Cathy Vandergeest

Cathy VandergeestI’m a graphic designer who runs a large format printing company with my husband. We have three dogs, one of which covers many of my running kilometers with me. Although I’m headed into my third year of running, I still get giddy when friends describe me as a runner. I’ve run every race distance up to 30K.

Why I want to be a Run Ambassador:
My grandparents suffered heart attacks and / or strokes so this is a cause very near and dear to my heart. As a child, I remember canvassing for the Heart and Stroke Foundation with my mom after my grandfather had his heart attack and stroke. With my family history, I work very hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

blogrunningdesigner.com                Twitter @runningdesigner                Instagram @runningdesigner                Facebook


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