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Fundraising Support

If you’re looking for fundraising tips, training guides, or inspiring newsletters to keep you motivated, you’ll find it all—and more—here!


Fundraising Tips and Guides

Below are step-by-step instructions for getting the most out of your Participant Centre and making sure you have an incredible Ride!

Set Your Goal
Customize your page
Send fundraising emails
Track your progress
Thank your donors

For Captains Only

Below are step-by-step instructions for using the Participant Centre to successfully guide your team to Ride day!

Update your team goal and page
  • The fundraising goal should be challenging but achievable. Use $100 per rider as a baseline and build from there. If your team rode last year, make sure to set a higher goal this time around as a new challenge!
  • Upload your team photo from last year, or a company logo to personalize the page, and write a message that lets everyone know why your company cares about creating more survivors.
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Email past team members to start recruitment
  • With two clicks you can reach all the riders from the previous year to let them know the team is reactivated and they can join online
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Email all current team members
  • Once you have riders on your team, you can reach them all easily within the participant centre to encourage their fundraising, send them updates, and share important team details.
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Download the Team Roster and Donation Roster
  • You can use the Team Roster report to find the full list of your team members, all their contact information, their fundraising total, t-shirt sizes, etc. This will come in very useful as we get closer to the day of the event
  • You can use the Team Donation Roster to keep track of donations made to your team page.
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Click here to download the Captain's Guide
Click here to download the Corporate Challenge recruitment poster

Posters and Forms

Download and print these posters:

Corporate Challenge recruitment poster

Download and print forms, including the Corporate Match Form (don’t forget to ask your HR department if your company matches donations!)

Fundraising Form (for offline donations)
Corporate Match Form
Waiver for Minors (under age 18)

Don't forget to check out our incentives for your fundraising efforts!

Please contact us at ridenl@heartandstroke.ca
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